Foundation Underpinning


Foundation underpinning (otherwise know as post construction piering) is the installation of galvanized helical or push piers beyond the active soil layers down to verifiable load bearing stratum (soil) or bedrock. Once the piers are installed to verifiable load bearing soil, galvanized foundation brackets are installed and the foundation load is transferred to the piers.  After this, the underpinned part of the home is permanently stabilized and can be raised to an acceptable level condition.

The Process

Step 1

All service lines and concrete/landscaping are removed from the work area.

Step 2

We then excavate a 3-4 foot wide trench along the foundation down to footing level in the work area.

Step 3

Then we notch the concrete footing with a concrete saw in each pier location in order to make it flush with the foundation wall.

Step 4

Then the galvanized helical or resistance (push) piles are installed to verifiable load bearing soil, along with the galvanized foundation brackets.

Step 5

The foundation load is then transferred to the piers, resulting in permanent stabilization.

Step 6

We the do as much practical recover and home leveling as possible in the work area. The area is then backfilled and compacted to the rough grade of what it was prior to work. The tools and equipment are then removed, and the site is cleaned up.