Helical Piering


Galvanized push/resistance piers are solely designed for post-construction.  Galvanized push piers use the weight of the home as a reactive force.  This means that every galvanized push pier installed is 100% load tested during the installation process.  After the galvanized push piers are installed, the foundation load is transferred to the piers. Using our unique manifold lift system, the structure is able to recover elevation lost due to settlement. Galvanized push piers are suited for applications in both residential and commercial applications.  Push piers can be installed inside or outside, low head room, tight spaces, or difficult access with portable hydraulic equipment that produces little or no vibration and sound.

The Process

Step 1

All service lines in the work area are located and all concrete/landscaping is removed from the work area. We then excavate a 3-4 foot wide trench along the foundation down to footing level in the work area.

Step 2

We then notch of the concrete footing with a concrete saw in each pier location to become flush with the foundation wall.

Step 3

The galvanized helical or resistance (push) pile is then installed on verifiable load bearing soil. The galvanized foundation bracket is then installed as well.

Step 4

Once everything is set up, we transfer the load of the foundation to the piers, and allow it to permanently stabilize.

Step 5

We then can do as much practical recovery of the original soil and landscaping in and around the work area. We clean our tools and equipment up, and then we're done!