What We Do Differently

Simply put, we use the best materials, equipment, and processes out there.

Unlike most companies, we use galvanized steel for all of our piering work. We believe in quality over everything else. Instead of saving money and getting plain black steel, we give our customers the better product, even though it costs us more. Every foundation repair product we use is hot dip galvanized and is made in the USA.

Also, we are one of the few companies, if not the only, that uses a manifold lift system to level homes. This system “ties” all of the lift rams together to provide a uniform lift. This reduces stress/strain on the foundation and the whole home, resulting in a much lower  likelihood for damage (e.g. foundation/drywall cracking, tile cracks, etc.) This benefit cannot be provided by lifting with bottle jacks, which most of our competitors do.

We are the first company in Montana to offer both mudjacking and high density polyurethane foam slab raising.  Mudjacking is a great option to replacing concrete (and we still own all the equipment), but as time progresses so does technology. High density polyurethane foam concrete raising uses smaller holes (5/8″ opposed to 2″), is faster (typically 3 times faster than mudjacking) and lighter in weight (2.5 lbs a cubic foot opposed to 140 lbs. a cubic foot).

We also have the ability to install galvanized helical piles indoors without any fumes from machinery, through our electrical 480 volt 3 phase variable volume hydraulic pump to power our portable helical hand driver. This was recently used at Billings Clinic and The YMCA.

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